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The sound proof inside generator room.

Sound proof inside generator room at Royal Angkor international hospital


Ventilator with soundproof.

At   PTT


Thai sound proof for generator room with exhaust  


Deevana Patong Resort&Spa  


'Mercure' Patong  More projects are ...


'Soniva' Ko Kut  More projects are ...


'Thai sala' Phuket  More projects are ...


'Giffarine' Project  More projects are ...

Thaigenerator.com thai soundproof slide.  News

A major of our business is soundproof for generator which produce a high sound from it machine inside room. It can say that most of hard working is to reduce sound  to the optimum point as standard and law. In fact, the quality of our products  are developed and improved for more year and year of production.

We will try to do our good services to all kinds of customer.

 Here are some of our work that can be served to you.

  • Soundproof for generator room
  • Sound attenuator for outlet and inlet
  • Air ventilator and blower
  • Installation of generator
  • Design and test run for sound proof
  • More detail pls.contact  sales .
  Generator installation
  Sound proof of generator room
  Sound attenuator , Outlet , Inlet
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